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11 May

Following my admission to Scarborough Hospital last week, I was discharged at the weekend as I proved NEGATIVE for Covid-19 and had not damaged my heart muscle. They’ve postponed my selective Chemotherapy about which they’ll let us know tomorrow. Thanks for your kind wishes. Keep safe and well.

I’m banged up again gov!

8 May

I was admitted to Scarborough hospital on Wednesday with severe side-Effects from the selective chemotherapy I am receiving for Kidney Cancer. The side-effects ape the symptoms of amongst other things Covid-19 and heart attack. Yesterday I was told my Covid19 test was NEGATIVE and I was transferred to the coronary care unit (CCU). Should see the cardiologist today to ascertain whether there has been heart muscle damage. In the meantime my chemo has been postponed and I’m still in the CCU!

Keep safe everyone!

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