Keep calm and self isolate!

21 Mar
The empty gym at BARONS at Scarborough rugby club

Following the government’s announcements on Thursday and yesterday I thought I would lapse into semi-seriousness from the tongue-in-cheek nature of this column whilst rugby is ‘away’. 

Many of you, mainly the older people and those with pre-existing conditions amongst our Scarborough rugby family, will have to self isolate for several weeks or even longer and although some of us has the comfort of a spouse or partner, others are on their own and could be suffering from loneliness, physical or mental problems or are distressed and isolated.  As one of the gang from SPOOKS’ CORNER I’ll miss our weekly COBRA (club oldies beer and rugby appreciation) meetings; seriously if any of you out there have ANY problems please contact the club and they will do everything in their power to help you and put you in contact with other members.

I was personally messaged by a young Valkryies player this morning enquiring if  I had any problems and if there was anything I need; I was very touched as she is a busy young mum with plenty on her plate; it fair warmed the cockles ‘o my old heart!

I am well aware that many of our older members either don’t use or eschew social media; however it’s early days yet and hopefully I can get this stuff into the Scarborough News shortly.

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