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Getting my Saturday Rugby Fix via YouTube!

28 Mar
Scarborough v Bridlington in season 2018/19.
Video by Gavin Wakeham

Thanks to Gavin Wakeham the cameraman and producer, ScarboroughRUFC and YouTube I’m enjoying my rugby fix at home this afternoon. It’s lovely to see a few ‘weell Kent’ faces including‘ oor Jimmy’ and ‘big Wes’ Lankilde. Well done all concerned; a real boon in these difficult times. Keep safe out there everybody.


27 Mar

Had a different location for my exercise yesterday; a deserted Peasholm Park.

This is just a wee bit over the top methinks!

27 Mar
South Bay Scarborough

I was only putting the bins out!

24 Mar
From Colin Rennard – the Scarborough re-United original group

Self isolation and social distancing.

23 Mar

Following the fully justified condemnation of the people who had flocked to the seaside at the weekend ignoring the social separation protocols, I ventured out to Scarborough’s North Bay this morning but not before getting rid of anything that would mark me down as a wrinkly; Worthers originals, Mint Imperials, nose hair clippers et al.

The place was deserted and I had no problems keeping my distance from the others taking their exercise. I was well refreshed and now await the next proclamation from Chairman Boris at 8.30pm.

You’ve gotta larf! 2

22 Mar
With thanks to Matt.

Something to think about!

22 Mar



With half the world in shutdown

I find it strange to see

Loo rolls being the commodity

Folk consider a priority –

Alongside pasta – the new staple

We Brits need on our dinner table.


What happened to yesterday’s newspaper

Hanging on a nail?

When our only antiseptic gel

Was cold water from a pail?

Spaghetti was a foreign food

Heinz put in a tin –

And long-life milk, so disgusting

We threw it in the bin!

The only place to buy things

Was from the corner shop,

And the only Corona to find there

Was Dandelion and Burdock pop!


It seems now we need a lesson

On how to wash our hands,

We are so reliant on Facebook

Our heads stay buried in the sand.

We no longer make decisions,

Allowing others to cloud our visions,

As we scurry like Santa’s little elves

Grabbing loo rolls from the shelves.


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