Changes in coverage of Scarborough RUFC

29 Jul


2015-09-03 CLUB PIC TWO



Well, having spent most of the spring and summer dealing with kidney cancer and major surgery to remove several tumours, the Scarborough News informed me by phone last Monday that due to severe budget constraints they could no longer afford to have me as a freelance reporter, although if I wished to continue my efforts without reward that would be fine with them. I declined this offer as I thought it was time I got round to really enjoying my rugby with a pint in my hand in the company of my ‘old contemptible’ mates.

I’ve been covering Scarborough Rugby club for almost 40 years and for over half of that time as an unpaid club member doing my bit. However, in recent years with twitter, photographs, video interviews, on line Saturday reports and a full report in the paper every Thursday there was plenty to do. Lately Andy Standing has improved the coverage of Rugby Union with his terrific photography and other innovations so my workload was reduced.

Andy will continue covering the games pictorially and will tweet half and fulltime scores plus there will be a short report online on a Saturday evening. As for a report in the paper, that will be based on player interviews by the Scarborough News staff and perhaps stats from the club. I will continue to produce this FROM THE TOUCHLINE blog and will use it as a basis for a preview in the online edition of the Scarborough News on a Friday. As you can see the coverage will be different and probably less detailed than it has been in the past but I’m sure Dan Gregory and sports editor Andy Bloomfield will look to keep their readers informed as best they can on the latest from Scarborough RUFC.

2016-07-29 LONI LONI SHARP


During my sojourn away YDO Tomasz Chadwick has moved on to work for Hull City FC and the club has advertised his post. Elsewhere the news that Matty Jones and Ethynne Terblanche are returning to Scarborough to play next season has lifted everyone at Silver Royd and the return of Isaac Faamau from his family visit to New Zealand is also great news. The latest on new players is the imminent arrival of New Zealander Maloni Vakauta Kakala Moata’ane; known as Loni Loni for short; he currently plays for Auckland Premier One club Glenfield RUFC and is highly regarded by Jones who recommended him to the club. Training has gone well and although some of the club’s youngsters have moved on to university, Scarborough supporters will be looking forward to the development of future Silver Royd stars such as Jordan Wakeham and the mighty James Leach (below).

2016-04-08 leachy scores sharp


With newly-promoted West Leeds and Beverley who were relegated from North One East at the end of last season, Yorkshire One looks like a highly competitive league this season. I can’t wait and won’t miss the tweeting, scribbling or video interviewing; bring on the pies and pints!

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