Bees next at Silver Royd unfortunately I’ll be missing!

12 Feb

2015-12-07 SILVER ROYD PICTURE SHARPScarborough return to Yorkshire One action tomorrow following their enforced day off last weekend and league-leaders Bradford & Bingley are their opponents at Silver Royd.

The Seasiders have faced the Bees twice already this season losing 39-22 at Wagon Lane in October and 22-8 in the Yorkshire Sheild at Silver Royd a month later.

Jordan Wakeham, Phil Stewart, Mikey Readman and Ant Coffey are in the home lineup which also includes Richard Scales who had a great game at Old Brods a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately I’ll be missing all the action as I had a nasty fall whilst visiting relatives a few days ago and have been left a bit battered and bruised. I’m slowly on the mend but will be absent on Saturday. and before you ask, no I hadn’t been drowning my sorrows after another abject Scotland effort at Murrrayfield!

This has been a bit of a truncated effort  due to the aftermath of my  ‘diving’ efforts but hopefully I’ll be back reporting FROM THE TOUCHLINE before too long.




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