Car park planting

17 Oct

Granny Grubbypaws' Garden

08:14  Saturday 17 October 2015

proudfoot planting2 oct15 (422x500)

I took this photograph as I passed the exit from our local supermarket’s car park on my way back from a shopping trip yesterday.  I like to walk there for exercise: it’s less than ten minutes away from our house.  I think these trees might be Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia.  Aren’t they gorgeous against the dark green shrubs and red brickwork?

proudfoot planting1 oct15 (375x500)

I didn’t notice what this tree opposite was – I must look carefully at the leaves next time – but what stunning autumn colour!

There are quite a few references to our local supermarket in my garden diaries because I have often bought stuff from the gardening section upstairs and when they extended I watched the planting with interest; no doubt it was a condition of the planning authority.

Sunday 23 January 2011

Proudfoot’s is extending both shop and car park and they have incorporated…

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