2 Oct



Scarborough Rugby Club will be holding their first Ladies Day at the J.M Guthrie clubhouse tomorrow. They hope first and foremost to provide those attending with a fantastic day out; however they also want to raise the profile of the club and bring a new audience to Scarborough RUFC, whether that’s as spectators, players in our ladies team the Valkyries, girlfriends and wives or as parents of boys and girls in the club’s junior section.  

Programme of Events for the day’s events will be as follows:-

1pm:                Red carpet arrival and drinks reception

1:30pm:           Lunch

3pm:                Kick-off

3:40pm:           Half-time entertainment – cheerleaders and minis rugby

3:55pm:           Second-half Kick-off

4:35pm:           Full-time

4:50pm:           Raffle

5pm:                Buffet

5:20pm:           Match presentations

6pm:                Live music from The Sticklebricks

8:30pm:           Free bus to Klosters

Hopefully many ladies will stay on to watch England’s ‘cup final’ tomorrow night from 8pm as they take on Australia at Twickenham with only a win being good enough to keep them in the World Cup. The exit of the host nation at this stage would be a sporting and financial disaster as far as the success of the tournament is concerned and for the popularity of the sport in this country which would affect every club. England has won four out of the five most recent games between the countries so history is with them. However I suggest you get up to the J.M. Guthrie on Saturday evening, join the ladies and get behind your team. Oh yes, and keep everything crossed!

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