10 Feb



As I rapidly approach my seventieth birthday and have been struggling with several physical ailments over the last few years, I’ve been re-assessing my long association with rugby union, particularly at Scarborough RUFC. Since coming to the town from Hong Kong in 1978 I have been a supporter, committee man, PRO and match reporter for the club. At the start I spent a long period of time chronicling the club’s activities on the field and in a particularly lean period which covered two seasons in the mid-eighties, travelled the length and breadth of our fair county and never saw my heroes, who included the likes of Colin Rennard, Martin Reed, Josh Stewart, Tim Elliott, Rich Pygas and skipper Bob (Chis) Chisholm to mention but a few, win a single game away from Newby. An upsurge of form, saw the club win promotion to Yorkshire One from Two, where we had languished since relegation in our first league season in 1987 and under player coach Grant Lenton we made the final of the Shield for the first time since Pontius was a Pilot; at the end of the last century we also reached the semi-final of the National knockout Shield at Billericay where we lost narrowly. Since then success under coach Dave Beck saw us return to Yorkshire One early in this century (can’t remember the year) and we’ve been there since. The arrival of Kiwi Marcus Edwards around 2000 saw us play perhaps the best rugby in our history and for the first time early in the 2000’s we gained promotion to North One. The retirement of players such as Rob Bell, Peter Woolley, Carl Holdsworth, Andy Holloway and Phil Barker severely impacted on our efforts at level Six the following year and we  were relegated;  and but for the efforts of Dave Beck we would have slipped down to Yorkshire Two. Since then we have been an average Yorkshire One mid-table side and our move to our present home at the brilliant Silver Royd complex hasn’t impacted on that. Following a good start to this season under Coach Lee Douglas where we lost only one of our ten opening games, things have slipped and we have lost all four of our last league outings. However we have progressed to the semi-final of the Yorkshire Challenge Shield at Selby in two weeks time. I did think I was losing interest in the game but reflecting on my post HAVE I HAD ENOUGH? and
as I rewrite this ahead of a toe amputation tomorrow morning which will leave me toeless on one foot, I realise I love the game as much as I ever did but my ardour was dampened by poor health for a while. So I look forward to getting my second breath following this hiatus and coming back for more in the not too distant future. I’m not really sure what I’ll be able to do going forward but I certainly want to continue my long association with our club.


  1. Nigel Wilson February 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm #

    It could be worse,,,you could be a Scotland supporter!!!!!! oh sorry Dave

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