10 Sep




After much political machinations, Saturday’s visitors to Silver Royd, Acklam were moved from Durham/Northumberland One to Yorkshire One for this season. They are no strangers to Scarborough as before the inception of leagues in the form of the Courage Clubs Championship in 1987 we had a regular fixture with the Middlesborough-based club and many a hard-fought encounter was played out between us at their Talbot Park HQ and at Newby. Last week they had a harsh introduction to Yorkshire One when they went down 88-7 to a strong York side at Clifton Park. They found it hard to get their hands on the ball in the first 40 minutes but stuck to their task and scored a try through scrum-half Josh Milnes after the break. I can feel for them as it is not so long ago that Scarborough were promoted to North Two East following a play-off at Ashington. One of our early games was at Bradford and Bingley who had retained several Tongan internationals who had played in the 7s in that summer’s commonwealth games in Manchester and were based at the club for training; we lost 116-3 and they substituted the Tongans after an hour! And don’t forget Scarborough were thrashed 80-0 in the last game of last season by Driffield so things can change quickly. For now I think it will take the Teesiders a while to adjust to the pace and physicality of Yorkshire One and Scarborough start favourites for this game.

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