4 Apr

 The Yorkshire Rugby Football Union (YRFU) have announced the cancellation of this season’s knockout competitions; The Yorkshire Cup, The Challenge Shield and the Yorkshire Silver Trophy. By repute, The Yorkshire Cup is the oldest rugby knockout competition in the world and although the rot set in when so-called senior rugby clubs in the county started to enter almost scratch sides in the competition, the cancellation of all three competitions by the YRFU competitions committee last week, smacks of arrogance in Leeds and a complete disregard for the clubs still left in the competitions. Looking at things from a Scarborough point of view; this was a competition the coaches at Silver Royd had targeted as the club has never won the Shield. Winning the shield is also the only route to participation in the RFU Intermediate Cup and a chance of playing at Twickenham which is after all, every English rugby player’s dream. Also the Seasiders were guaranteed two possible lucrative home fixtures; a quarter-final with Dinnington and if successful, a semi-final with Huddersfield or North Ribblesdale. There has been disruption of fixtures this winter but no worse than I have seen in many previous seasons. I really do hope the powers-that-be at Silver Royd make their displeasure known on behalf of the players and the many supporters who were eagerly anticipating what could well have been the highlight of the season for Scarborough. Oh yes! And I hope it’s made clear that we want to see the competition to its conclusion next season.

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