7 Aug












It’s taken me a while to drag myself out of my armchair and back to my computer as I’ve been enthralled and delighted with the Olympic Games. As of today the British medal tally has reached 48 with an amazing 22 gold. The weekend was amazing with Jessica Ennis’s heptathlon triumph the highlight for me. She’s such a lovely person and carried the weight of being the games’ ‘Golden Girl’ on her shoulders. Mo Farah’s 10,000 metres gold also set the Olympic Stadium on fire. Although I was never a big fan of tennis as an Olympic sport, Andy Murray’s defeat of Roger Federer on Sunday was so comprehensive and his passionate attitude to the competition so inspiring that he may just have changed my mind. Being a Scot it was great to see Chris Hoy get that sixth Olympic gold this afternoon; the guy has been a great ambassador for his sport and the pictures of his mum and dad as they watched the last lap of his final ride made absolutely compelling television. In my 40s I ran ten Marathons including London in 1983 and 1984 and thought they were probably the most gruelling sporting events I had ever taken part in. Consequently I have always thought that anyone taking on a triathlon must be mad and having watched the magnificent girls on Sunday and Yorkshire’s Brownlee brothers today, I haven’t really changed my mind but my admiration for their grit and bravery has no bounds.  I haven’t mentioned everyone here but that’s because with such a huge haul of medals I would be here all night! However I’m looking forward to the remaining four days before withdrawal symptoms set in next Monday morning. 


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