30 Jul



                              HOWARD ACKLAM

Past president Howard Acklam was awarded honorary life membership of Scarborough Rugby club at their annual general meeting at Silver Royd last week. Born in Wakefield in 1946 Howard was introduced to the club by his father Eric when he was eight years old and has been involved ever since. Educated at Scarborough Boys High School he went on to represent the club at all levels and on retiring from playing took up refereeing. He then followed in his father’s footsteps when he was elected club president for season 1990-91; father Eric had been president for season 1981-82. Howard has always been a doer and from helping with the self-build of new dressing rooms in the early sixties to his recent work on the club’s memorial garden he was always one of the first to roll up his sleeves. His framed citation ended with the following paragraph; ‘Members of the club will be forever thankful for the exceptional work undertaken by Howard in the role of Architect of the new rugby club headquarters at the Silver Royd development. Under his guidance the membership has been able to create a stadium and associated playing areas that are now widely recognised as being amongst the very best in the country!’

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