6 Jul

Bradford Bulls


What is it iabout professional clubs of every sporting persuasion that makes them think the world owes them a living? From the tax dodgers and wide boys at Rangers to the over-spenders at Bradford Bulls. Like any other business, sports clubs should stick to solid business principles; firstly, expenditure should not exceed income. Getting over-emotional about the sporting side of things only clouds the issue. Clubs in Super League spend too much in relation to what they earn and the Rugby Football League certainly isn’t to blame for that.  The way forward?  Stay well within your budget, cut down on an overblown coaching and admin budget and develop sources of income other that just Rugby;  It’s that simple.  If some players go elsewhere because they want more money, so be it;  the game is bigger than any individual.  When the Bradford club knew they were running up a loss of £100,000 per month why ask their long suffering fans to throw good money after bad supporting their club. The first professional Rugby League game I attended was at Odsal back in 1960 watching Bradford Northern as they were then and I would hate them to go out of business; however you cut your cloth to suit your measure. The Bulls can survive, but only with fiscal responsibility and good business practice. It seems harsh but the truth really hurts.

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