22 Jun

Minis in action in a tournament at Silver Royd














It’s been a good week for Scarborough Rugby Club with permission now granted for the use of a loudspeaker system at Silver Royd and the withdrawal of the Borough Council’s prosecution under the terms of the Licensing Act 2003. The Club had pleaded not guilty and was preparing a vigorous and comprehensive defence of all charges but is now looking to move forward with open dialogue to improve relationships with close residents and the Licensing Authority. Sounds very sensible to me; maybe now Scarborough RUFC  can get on with its legitimate mission without some of the outrageous and implausible Nimbyist complaints from its near and not so near neighbours. Following the first two rounds of the East Yorkshire sevens circuit held at Bridlington and Malton respectively no information has come my way, reportedly because Scarborough put out such weakened teams that they didn’t really want to publish the results. Come on guys this thing works both ways; plenty of publicity when you do well and take the hit when the news is not so great. The next round of the competition is at Hullensians tomorrow; YDO Tom Harrison has promised me the results from that one. The final round  is at Silver Royd at the 7th of July.

Avid Harrogate Minis fans at Silver Roys!

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