‘Welsh’ stymied!

23 May

I’ve just seen on the internet that London Welsh have been denied their chance to move up to the Premiership following an RFU meeting this afternoon. So once more Newcastle who have struggled for years,  gets off the hook. I must admit I am really pleased for ‘Deano’ who was the guest speaker at Scarborough’s sportsman’s dinner at the start of last season. The big fella’ admitted to his part in ‘bloodgate’ and held up his hands. However it all looks farcical when you think that relegated Leeds who were struggling to get a couple of thousand to their home games last season are now hawking their home games around a few poorly supported clubs in Yorkshire. I’m completely biased but when one looks at the attendances at Scarborough and  the magnificent facilities at Silver Royd it really makes you wonder where the union game is going.      A busy stand at Scarborough – see below:


2 Responses to “‘Welsh’ stymied!”

  1. Nigel Wilson May 23, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    Here is a bit of hot debate to get your blog started Dave,
    I cannot say that i agree with your comments and praise of Dean “Deano” Richards, the man is a one of the highest profile cheats we have ever had in the game. Holding his hand up is no excuse for the length and depth of deception that took place at Harlequins, the man should be banned for life from holding office in the game. What sort of message is it to youngsters about the ethos ethics and values of the game when cheating is so easily put aside by the money men of Newcastle Falcons (who also let Darren Fearn go to Bedford Blues today)Twenty years ago when i was a young lad watching rugby Dean Richards playing number eight for England with his socks down by his ankles was my hero, how that view has now evaporated, not only did he cheat but he cohersed others into cheating so ruining their careers also and all this from a man who was a police officer!!ah maybe theres a whole new dimension to the story.

  2. From the touchline by Dave Campbell May 23, 2012 at 9:21 pm #


    My comments were not in praise of Dean Richards: I said I was pleased for him looking to the future and didn’t condone his actions in the Bloodgate scandal. However he has served his ‘sentence’ and although I take on board and agree with your opinion on his conduct I think we should move on as we did following England captain Lawrence Dallaglio’s drug use in 1999. His conduct did nothing to enhance the ethos or values of the game in the eyes of youngsters; however he was welcomed back and went on to play in England’s successful World Cup winning side in 2003 to general acclaim.

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